Example of customizable models – tomatoes and coffee. The model agreement for responsible contract farming provides an overview of some of the most important legal issues in contract agriculture and presents each of these provisions. The customizable template is a user-friendly Word document that can be downloaded and customized. Tomatoes and coffees illustrate how the model agreement can be adapted for some crops. The agreement model is a simple and practical means of recourse for buyers and producers to improve their trade relationships and help make responsible agricultural investment a reality. It can help manage performance asymmetries, create fairer and more sustainable trade relationships, and support a transparent trading environment for contract farmers. The agreement model provides simple and customizable provisions that can be tailored by the parties to the specific product, context and needs requirements of the parties. This commentary examines some of the issues raised by rice farmers in the Philippines and Kyrgyzstan; coffee producers in the Democratic People`s Republic of Lao (PDR) and Vietnam; Cambodian sugar cane and fruit producers at a workshop in late October 2019. . We are proud to announce the recently confirmed Canadian Food Safety Policy Group (CSPF) IISD as an associate member. The model agreement for responsible contract farming was developed by IISD and the Organization for Agriculture and Agriculture (FAO) in collaboration with UNIDROIT, which is based on the principles of UNIDROIT/FAO/FIAD Legal Guide on Contract Farming.

For the past few years, the Agricultural Law Section of the International Bar (IBA), chaired by Jan Holthuis of BUREN, has been working with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on issues of common interest. Following successful joint meetings in Sydney (2017) and Rome (2019), an agreement between FAO and the IBA was signed on 24 September 2019, formalised and strengthened by this cooperation. We envisage joint activities, such as legal research and capacity development, to strengthen the knowledge and capacity of developing countries and their families in areas such as food security and nutrition, rural poverty control, sustainable agriculture, including food systems, climate change mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources. Through its development law service, FAO will actively contribute to the activities of the S ALS, even though, because of its neutral and impartial status, it may not be an official member. The IBA will participate as an observer on FAO`s food security committee and other important meetings of FAO`s government body. (From left to right Image: Dr. Mark Ellis, Executive Director International Bar Association, Jan Holthuis, IBA President of Agricultural Law, Valerie Johnston, Lawyer, FAO Development Law Service) Buren contributed to Agribusiness, a publication of Getting the Deal Through. more… BUREN contributed to the Thomson Reuters Practical Agricultural Law Guide with a question-and-answer session on agricultural law in the Netherlands. more… Provide a simple and convenient means of recourse for buyers and producers to improve their business relationships and help make responsible investment in agriculture a reality.