The following year (1999), the Secretary-General mentioned an increased number of areas of cooperation[17] and adopted a resolution calling on IUCN to address the Millennium General Assembly directly. [20] Note: This agreement between the United Nations and the IPU governs cooperation and mutual representation on demand, followed by an invitation from both organizations, as well as joint activities and programmes, cooperation between the secretariats of the two organizations and the reciprocal exchange of information and documents. The architecture of the next generation of global development goals should benefit from a considerable parliamentary contribution, he said. The international system should aim to strengthen the rule of law, democratic governance and parliamentary participation, as it has identified viable solutions to important global issues and worked to implement them. The Romanian parliament has played an active role in the debate on the drafting of IPU resolutions on many issues, such as the fight against organised crime; Transparency in the financing of political parties and election campaigns; Ensure sustainable development through the management of natural resources, agricultural products and demographic changes; Improving the health of women and children. His delegation gave its full support to a new cooperation agreement between the United Nations and THE UNITY to better reflect the growing and expanding interaction between the two institutions. “I am pleased that this agreement has been signed by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and IUCN Secretary-General Martin Chungong, and I look forward to a deeper and more frequent engagement between the UN and IUCN,” said IUCN President Chowdhury. The new agreement will ensure, among other things, an increased exchange of information and the exchange of best practices aimed at building parliamentary capacity around the world. Chowdhury reviewed the development of the partnership between the United Nations and IUCN and said that the new cooperation agreement provided an update on developments since the first agreement in 1996 and strengthened relations between the two organizations. The IPU, founded in 1889, is the international organization of parliaments, is the point of contact for parliamentary dialogue and promotes peace and cooperation for representative democracy. [UNITED NATIONS PRESS RELEASE] [Un Secretary-General`s remarks at press conference] [IPU press release] [Declaration of the President of the IPU] 16. 4.

Calls on the Vice-President/High Representative to meet the expectations of the new agreement and to ensure that the policies pursued by the EU and its Member States in the implementation of the CPA and the future free trade agreement with Vietnam contribute to respect for human rights, the rule of law and good governance; Calls for capacity building to improve the resolution of complaints from individuals and communities concerned under Article 35 of the Comprehensive Partnership and Cooperation Agreement; calls on the Vietnamese government to strengthen civil society participation by involving associations and NGOs in the country`s political, economic and social development; The common objectives of the ILO and the IPU are the pursuit of peace and democracy by promoting international cooperation in their respective areas of competence, in order to promote universal respect for justice, the rule of law, human rights and fundamental freedoms, and that these common goals and objectives can be effectively achieved through cooperation and common action. In another action, the Assembly today adopted a consensus text on the report of the International Criminal Court on the work of the Hague-based body in 2010 and 2011.