The process of changing the scope of the work is generally defined in detail in the construction contract. It is important that you have a well-developed variation clause in case you need to request changes to the scope of the work. As a general rule, an amendment must be agreed between you and the contractor. As a general rule, this includes agreement on: The extent of the work is usually accompanied by a specification indicating the materials and surfaces used for the project. Clear formulations and terminology go a long way to minimize the risk of litigation, claims and litigation. Adding a glossary or definition section can also help avoid misunderstandings. The construction industry is full of industrial jargon and shortcuts, so make sure anyone who reads the scale of the work can actually read it. How come they have to pay you? I do not mean that it is by cash, cheque or a form of wire. I mean, what are the conditions you have to meet to qualify for payment? Is it fair that you have produced yourself? Does your work need to be approved by a third party? Are there any documents you need to sign before you can apply for payment? A contract acts as a northern star, especially when it clearly defines the magnitude of the work and the cost of that work.

In this way, there is absolutely no question of what work needs to be done and what is paid to do it. Clear contractual provisions are essential to minimize confusion and conflict. In addition, once the contract is concluded in writing, it will be obvious to change this volume of work (usually in order of modification). You may agree with a different volume of work than your proposal. You can also accept certain dispute resolution procedures, certain termination provisions or the treatment of your rights. The work contract will also include several growing equipment, including the scope of the work and all construction plans and specifications. Very few people read the contract that is referred to them, assuming that, because their proposal has been accepted, everyone knows what the magnitude of the work is. And that is a problem, because we often see that the proposal is in conflict with the terms of this broader treaty.