“As reflected in today`s agreement, Torneos y Competencias has undermined the fair and open competition process by using corrupt bribery systems to secure lucrative contracts,” said IRS Crime Commissioner Weber. “The IRS is committed to aggressively investigating companies that use a complex network of offshore companies and foreign and domestic bank accounts to enrich themselves through corruption.” Torneo has entered into a four-year indictment agreement with the DOJ. The data protection authority is asking Torneos to cooperate with ongoing government investigations and to improve its compliance program and internal controls. The three examples of behavior implicated in the lead fraud conspiracy in the information submitted today and on which Torneos confessed as part of its agreement with the government: NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. prosecutors on Tuesday announced an agreement that allows Argentine sports media Torneos y Competencias SA to pay about $112.8 million to pay charges of a vast corruption investigation against FIFA , the World Football Federation. An effective repressive tool for the public interest or a private sector risk management tool? [1] As stated in the agreement, all funds paid by Torneos are maintained in reserve to ensure that they are available to comply with any refund injunction that, in the event of a conviction in the United States against Jeffrey Webb et al., 15 CR 252 (PKC) and related cases for the benefit of persons or entities considered victims by federal law , was recorded. The DOJ has indicted 42 defendants at the FIFA prosecutor`s office. Most of them have been charged with robbery, fraud and money laundering. The purpose of this transactional justice system is to promote, through an incentive mechanism, cooperation between companies in the pursuit of acts of corruption that concern them. As part of the agreement, the company indicated that it would introduce internal compliance and accounting controls. Outside court, Ignacio Galarza, the company`s chief executive, said he welcomed the deal which is the first with a company in the FIFA corruption investigation. The ECJ allows a company, at the initiative of the Crown, to conclude a case through a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA).

Torneos “paid bribes and bribes with the agreement and support of the United States.