This has also been repeated in the recent case of Park Street Properties (Pvt.) Ltd. against Dipak Kumar Singh and Ors. (AIR 2016 SC 4038) if it has been found that, without registration, a monthly lease agreement is entered into, governed by Section 106 of TOPA. The legal provisions requiring the registration of leases are rarely considered. As a result, the law on the registration of leases is often misunderstood. While the parties spend a great deal of time negotiating the terms of a lease agreement (prohibition period, security deposit, termination clauses), the importance of registering and insanity of a lease is small, given the costs associated with registering and insanation of a tenancy deed. An unregured rental price can have serious legal consequences. … decree on expulsion. That is how this call goes through special leave.

4. The only question is whether the unregured rental price is justifiable. Section… Section 53-a of the TP Act or using evidence for warranty transactions. The combined effect of all provisions is that an unregured lease from month to month, for a period, not… Bank: “1. If a leasehold term is required under Section 107 of the transfer of ownership… As noted above, the importance of the registration of leases cannot be overstated. Very often, parties choose not to register their leases in order to save on stamp and registration fees. If all goes well, there is nothing to fear. However, in the event of a dispute, the parties cannot rely on the unregistered lease period if it is non-aeig.

More importantly, the rental agreement (in cases where the property and rent has been made) is considered terminated from month to month in the absence of a registered tenancy agreement, which can be terminated with a period of 15 days. Given all the legal issues raised by non-registered leases, the parties should register their leases if the relationship is one year or more than one year. Since my lease is therefore 4 years, once 3 years, an unregant and/or mislabeled rental agreement is not admissible as evidence in court. Section 35 of the India Stamp Act,1899, imposes a lock for the admission of non-stamping evidence. Hello, it is the decision of the municipality whether or not to extend the lease. You do not have the right to apply for rent renewal and it is at the discretion of the court. 3) In accordance with your existing agreement, the responsibility for the payment of stamp duty on the tenant is to remove a tenant under the unregistered tenancy agreement 1)The registration of the deed tenancy must be done within 4 months. The maximum duration is 8 months after the payment of the fine. 1) You can`t rely on DieMietstat because it`s not regsitered. Your best option is to cancel the existing rent and convince the tenant to enter into a fee lease.

have stamped it correctly and recorded you can very well, in the absence of a registered contract, ask him to clear, if he becomes hostile, the situation is beneficial to you. The concept that the tenant has an advantage over the landlord is then that the lease is registered, where the rental rights are legally created. 1. The rental obligation had to be registered if the duration is 4 years, otherwise you do not have the protection of the law on rent control. As leases between the parties for more than one year had to be forcibly registered and not registered, they do not give the tenant the right to remain a tenant for the time required by these acts.