2. I agree that during or at any time after the end of my work with the company, I do not work for myself or others, or that I will pass on or communicate to others, including future employees, trade secrets, confidential information or other proprietary data of the company in violation of this Agreement.3 That at the end of my job of the company: In the technological world, a common form of legal control is a confidentiality agreement. Organizations often exchange confidentiality agreements. It is common, for example. B, for a lender to come to a customer and say, “I want you to look at my technology because you might want the sublicensing, but first I want you to sign a confidentiality agreement.” Increasingly, individuals are being asked to sign the opposite of a confidentiality agreement. For example, a physician may require a patient to sign an agreement so that the patient`s medical data can be passed on to an insurer. Many NRAs have a clause that sets out how long you cannot disclose confidential information. If an organization asks you not to disclose its information forever, there is a greater risk of injuring the NDA. Instead, you can suggest that you would be willing to sign a limited NOA and require that the disclosure requirement be only six months. You can also include a clause that limits your liability, so you will not be held liable indefinitely if you violate the NDA. Very often, if you read the agreement carefully, and perhaps if you work with consultants, you can adjust the agreement to reduce the risk.

You might say, for example, that an organization is asking you to sign a confidentiality agreement that I will not disclose forever. Forever, it`s very long. As an organization, you can agree to sign a limited confidentiality agreement, but you want to reduce the commitment to just six months. You can also include a limitation of overall liability, so you are not liable indefinitely if you make a mistake. You could say that your maximum liability is $5,000. The quintessence is that if someone asks your organization to sign some kind of confidentiality agreement or clause, you should stop, think carefully and think about how to negotiate a narrower margin of manoeuvre for that commitment.