since a devastating earthquake struck their country in 2010. McDonald declared the deal invalid, but suspended that statement for six months so that Parliament could respond to it. To date, the United States is the only safe third country. Under the Safe Third Country Agreement, which has been in force since December 2004, Canada and the United States each declare the other country safe for refugees and close the door to most refugees at the U.S.-Canada border. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (LIRPA) requires the ongoing review of all countries designated as safe third countries. The objective of the review procedure is to ensure that the conditions that led to its designation as a safe third country continue to be fulfilled. This agreement meant that Canada had to deny anyone arriving at an official U.S. point of entry and prevent them from applying for a refugee in Canada, as the U.S. is considered a “safe country” to make such a claim. However, the refugee claimants discovered a so-called loophole in this agreement, which meant that upon arrival between official ports of entry, they were allowed to make their claim in Canada. .